Our Team

Here at Coach Thomas Youth Development, all our staff members are volunteering. We don’t earn anything besides respect and appreciation from our community, the people of Masiphumelele. 

Are you interested in joining our team, or in doing an internship with CTYD? Do not hesitate to contact us via email or social media. 

Mthandazo Ndabeni 

Founder, Chairperson & Coach

Better known as Coach Thomas, Mthandazo is a well-known face to the community of Masiphumelele. Coaching is his passion and the years of experience speak for themselves. His dedication is more than inspiring.


Vusumzi Ntshuntsha

Treasurer & Coach

Vusumzi has been involved in local football since 2008, and he is the co-founder of Young Starts FC. From the very beginning, his aim was to take children and young adolescents away from the tempting, notorious bad habits that everyday life presents. 

Nonthathu Zimemo

Women’s Sports Director & Coach

Nonthathu has been involved in coaching girls and women since 2010, and she is dedicated to empowering them through sports.  Like all of us, Nonthathu strongly believes in gender equality and is continuously striving to increase gender inclusivity in our programs.

Justin Bailey

Secretary, Coach & Referee 

Justin is 20 years old and he lives in the small community of Masiphumelele. As the youngest coach at CTYD, Justin is a great source of strength thanks to his energetic personality. 


Mthandazile Dubula

Human Resource Manager & Coach

Mthandazile first joined us in 2010 after watching his son playing soccer. He became more than just his son’s fan; he grew into a role model and source of inspiration for all the kids.  

Charlene Bailey

Vice Treasurer

Before joining CTYD, Charlene witnessed the young people’s early involvement in negative and dangerous habits that are present on the streets. She was concerned for the community’s youth and this compelled her to join CTYD to provide positive and safe free-time opportunities.  

Mawande Majiya

Juniors Football Coordinator

Mawande is a legend to younger players because he was once just like them: a student of Mthandazo Ndabeni. He confidently grew into his leadership role and provides our kids with love, inspiration, and experience. 

Lwandiso Mfanta

Marketing Manager

Lwandiso was personally asked to join our team at CTYD, and he has become a crucial part to our success. He is a real hiking enthusiast – always first to the top –  and a proud father who is excited to see his children joining the programs soon.