Coach Profile - Justin Bailey

Justin is 20 years old, the youngest coach at CTYD. Having grown up in Masiphumelele, he himself is a recipient of the positive changes that Coach Thomas’s passion for sport and teaching has brought to the community. 

Aged 5, Justin fell in love with soccer, playing at any given opportunity. As soon as he was old enough, he began playing for the Under 10s team at Young Stars FC. This became his foundation, the core about which his life revolved, and Coach Thomas was hugely impressed with his ability and dedication to the sport. 

Unusually, at the age of 15, rather than choosing to continue progressing through the teams, Justin’s attention was captivated by the coaching aspect. As such, he made the bold decision to step away from his role as a player on the field, and into the space next to Coach Thomas on the sidelines. At such a young age, Justin has already amassed years of coaching experience, bringing a unique perspective to this new role due to his recent past as a player. 

Justin has since become integral to the running of CTYD. In addition to soccer coaching, he is now a licensed STA swimming coach, and even lends his skills to the administrative side of the organisation. 

Asked about his thoughts on CTYD, he stated that he is “proud of the impact that we make. We have been through some tough times, but giving up was never an option. In the future, I want to see CYTD ‘out there’, everywhere; not only in our community, but across Cape Town and across the country. To achieve this, we will continue to spread our message and encourage the children of Masiphumelele to aim for new heights.”

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