Newsletter #1

Coach Thomas Youth Development truly hit the ground running at the start of 2024, and we are determined to sustain this tenacity and positivity throughout the year and into the next. With so many changes and accomplished goals, it is paramount that we now document our journey and share the stories of our growth with those who have supported us.  

Throughout 2023, our CTYD team based in Germany took on the challenge of designing, creating, and selling our official merchandise – our collection consists of hoodies, t-shirts, and long sleeves. It’s proven to be a brilliant marketing strategy: just before the onset of 2024, we were thrilled to hear that a total of R5450 (265 Euros) had been generated in sales. The development of this merchandise reflects our intent to increase our visibility as much as possible; it is a method which propels our image and message into new communities.

We are preparing to hold a second merchandise sale later in the year. As such, be sure to stay connected with us on social media. Here, we will be posting all the information on how you can place an order.  

Furthermore, since the beginning of January this year, we have been constructing our new CTYD office in Masiphumelele. This has been a longstanding dream of ours, one that would not have been possible without the kind donations from our trailblazing supporters. This office will completely transform our future. For this, we cannot thank you enough.

Prior to this development, we were working out of our bedrooms and living areas, and this practice simply became unsustainable. The rapid growth of our paperwork and responsibilities meant that a dedicated administrative space became vital if we were to maintain an efficient work-rate. As a result, our new office will enable us to properly organize our various tasks and thereby create the headspace for new ideas and projects.

For many weeks now, we have been busy cementing the floor, fixing the lock system, painting the walls, laying the carpet, installing Wi-Fi, and furnishing the space. It has required the best of our CTYD values to accomplish this feat – teamwork, commitment, discipline, and patience – and the result speaks for itself.

Now, with 2024 in full swing, and the development of an official administrative space for our dedicated team, we are directing our focus to additional aspirations. Beyond our hugely popular surfing, soccer, swimming, and hiking programs, we are keen to implement a wider range of activities to cater to as many kids as possible in our local community. We will be discussing and planning music, dancing, running, and recycling programs, with the intention of incorporating 2 or 3 of these into our organization by the end of the year. We are committed to increasing gender diversity amongst the children that participate in CTYD programs, and varying the type of activities on offer is a strong step towards this goal.

Improving the physical and mental wellbeing of the local children in Masiphumelele has been, and always will be, our driving force. It is singular vision that has led to a myriad of stories, projects, and achievements, and we couldn’t be prouder of what CTYD is becoming as a result. The nature of our work allows us to witness just how important it is to provide children with a healthy, creative, and active outlet for their energy. So, we will continue to generate innovative ideas, rise above our unique challenges, and make a positive impact on children’s lives.

On behalf of the entirety of Coach Thomas Youth Development, thank you for your continued interest and support. We can’t wait to share with you where our vision takes us next.

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